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Family Recreation carries an excellent range of dart styles and weights.  Beginner dart players may want to start with a basic brass dart while more experienced players will appreciate the advancements of a 80% tungsten dart.  For the pro, we offer such dart greats as the "Eric Bristow" dart, and the "Atlantis" 95% tungsten dart. 


                       The Club range is the world's most popular brass series. The precision barrels, which are available in a wide choice of weights and styles, are teamed with nylon shafts and Hologram flights for great all round performance

The Black Arrow range appeals to players of all ages and abilities. The brass barrels are ebonite coated to achieve a look of great style and distinction and they are available in a wide selection of models.

The Matrix range of superbly styled brass darts feature unique colour coded, contoured barrels, which are designed to give optimum grip and consistent, repeatable control. Quality shafts teamed with aerodynamic flights combine to create "in flight" perfection.

The 5 times World Champion's Silver Arrow series is styled on his tournament winning tungstens and it gives the advancing player a chance to repeat the Crafty Cockney's achievements, at an intermediate price

The Voodoo range of superbly styled brass darts features unique black knurled barrels, which are designed to give optimum grip and control. Anodised aluminium shafts, teamed with striking Marathon Gold flights combine to create perfection in flight

Torpedo tungstens feature parallel barrels, Nylon shafts with flight retaining ring grips are teamed with stunning Hologram flights, creating an intermediate priced series for the developing player.


The world's most popular tungsten darts. The Assassin 80% range offers a fully comprehensive selection of styles and weights, which combine to form a series of radical and highly popular models. Alamo shafts and Dimplex flights provide aerodynamic perfection.

Alien 80% tungstens feature classic contoured barrels, whose symmetrical shape allows the player to control the front and rear of the dart, right up until the moment of release. Alamo shafts and spooky Alien flights take these darts to a different dimension

Computer analysis of players preferred dart grip shows that the majority hold the barrel on the front and rear sections. Savage darts feature two black knurls which have been positioned to give the player positive feedback from the grip zone

Graflite Tungstens are made from a unique sintered carbon toughened alloy, which allows the darts to be aggressively knurled, giving a non-slip grip over the entire length of the barrel. Hi-Tech shafts are combined with revolutionary micro-fibre technology flights force

V Wing 90% tungsten darts are machined into a naturally contoured shape, giving the player a grip that is styled for maximum thrust, optimum control and precision in flight performance, time after time. The unique barrels are teamed with Gyro shafts, the top of which will rotate if a following dart makes contact.

Boxer 90% featuregroove and knurl configurations which give the player optimum "feel", combined with ease of release. 90% tungsten gives a competitive advantage to players who are serious about winning

Eric's 90% tungstens feature unique name engraving on the barrel, which acts as a permanent reminder of the Darts Legend. The parallel barrels optimise on the use of high density tungsten   

The "Powerpoint Kinetic Energy Principle" is a unique patented concept which dramatically reduces bounce outs and thereby increases scoring averages. The energy from the darts forward thrust forces the point into the board